Personal Injury Attorney FAQs

We understand the financial and emotional toll a serious accident, big or seemingly small, can have on your life. With a personal injury accident comes many questions and concerns and that is where SKOL Legal can help you understand your legal rights so you can set goals, recover just compensation, and move on with your life.

Our team is familiar with the questions most likely to be asked when you become the victim of a personal injury accident through the negligence of another. We have a true passion for helping those who have been injured and will work tenaciously to manage your legal concerns so you can spend time on your recovery.

We are proud of our history of successfully helping clients recover compensation, protecting our client’s rights against insurance companies, powerful corporations, manufacturers and numerous other entities.

Our diverse experience has provided us with the some of the most common questions that arise from clients after being involved in an accident:

Is there a charge for an initial consultation with personal injury attorney?

How long does the whole legal personal injury process take?

What are the first steps to pursuing a personal injury claim?

Should I speak to my insurance company?

How much compensation will I receive for my personal injury claim?

What types of personal injury claims and personal injury cases does SKOL Legal typically handle?