Orange County Slip & Fall Lawyer

It is your right as the victim of a slip and fall accident that was the result of negligence of another to aggressively pursue justice, including payment for all medical costs, lost earnings and pain and suffering. At SKOL Legal, our job is to listen to your recount of the accident and then dive into every legal detail to determine the type of negligence that caused the accident. We then fight on your behalf to recover maximum compensation.

We are well versed in working with clients who have been injured due to a slip, trip or fall accident on another person’s property. There are a range of premises or locations where a slip and fall accident can occur including:
Public sidewalk
Apartment or condominium complex
Private residence

We offer our clients a background that many personal injury firms do not have which is the experience of working firsthand on ‘the other side’, within a large corporation’s ‘risk management team’. The sole job of this team is to protect the corporation from any type of premise liability. So, whether you were injured at a restaurant, public sidewalk, grocery store parking lot or other areas, we have an inside track on what to expect from the defense and the legal expertise of knowing and defending your rights as a personal injury victim.

If you have recently experienced a slip and fall, or trip and fall, or other injury as the result of negligence, and you have the capacity to do so, we advise our clients to take the following steps to protect their rights:

If needed, seek emergency medical treatment immediately, establishing a record of the incident.

Take pictures of the property and location of accident immediately to avoid any future changes to or tampering with the location.

Obtain contact information of any witnesses for future use by a personal injury attorney.

Report the accident to the property owner as it is essential to inform the property owner you have been injured on their property. It is your right to refrain from details of the injuries you have sustained but reporting provides a record for future use by a personal injury attorney.