Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Distracted drivers are less aware of their surroundings and often do not see motorcyclists until it is too late. At SKOL Legal, we know the rights of motorcyclists and possess the skills and knowledge to be able to fight and recover the many types of damages and compensation to which our motorcycle accident clients are entitled.

We understand the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents change the lives of those who are injured. We commit ourselves to recovering your medical expenses including rehabilitation costs, brain and head injuries expenses, emotional distress, loss of limbs and other injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident. In addition, we calculate and recover lost earnings and future earnings and compensation for the emotional stresses that come from being the victim of a motorcycle accident.

Driver negligence that can cause a motorcycle accident includes:
Distracted driving
Left-turn crashes
Lane change accidents
Rear-end crashes

Some of the more common injuries sustained from being the victim of a motorcycle accident include:
Facial fractures and disfigurement
Broken bones
Spinal cord injuries
Loss of limbs
Brain injuries